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Thor Express:

Large International Luggage / Box Shipping

(You can send them anywhere in U.S. & we deliver them to your door)


Max Weight Up to 65 lbs / 29 kg

Max Dimension 62 inches / 175cm ( Length + Width + Height )


No customs clearance is required. It's Easier.  


We recommend you always order One more box than you expected.

Don't Worry! It's guaranteed refund for that box if you don't need it.


  • Payment, Charges Return and Refunds Policy


    Payment, Charges and Refunds


    2.1 Payments are made at the time of booking and can be paid with credit or debit card. We do not have access to your card number.


    2.2 Your package must not exceed the limits of the service booked, either in weight or size. If they do, extra cost will be charged either as per our website rate or if not available courier imposed rates. If your shipment is overweight/oversized it may be delayed, returned to you or you may have to collect the shipment from the courier’s local collection/delivery depot without refund.


    2.3 Any surcharges, fees or outstanding invoices must be paid within 14 days of receipt. We will directly charge your default saved payment card with an additional penalty of 2